about us

Humdinger is Clark Lee (bass and vocals), Chris Michener (drums and vocals), and Brian Weinberg (guitar and vocals). They are a rock band that prides itself in having eclectic setlists that range all over stylistically while having a sensible flow that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. Humdinger likes to play original music and cover songs, but always throwing some kind of original twist on things. On any given night you might hear bluegrass, punk rock, metal, surf rock, and a heartfelt rock ballad all in the same set, as well as a Willie Nelson cover or a Tom Waits song sped up to oblivion. Brian and Clark have been playing music together since 2000 and Brian and Chris since 2014. Humdinger formed back in 2014 as an acoustic duo with Barton Caplan on vocals and percussion. The band evolved into the electric outfit that it is today with Barton remaining a songwriting partner. They just released their debut album called “Daytime Revenge is Weird” and continue to add original and cover songs to their repertoire.